Hand scraped hardwood flooring

Hand scraped engineered wood flooring

Hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring has become more and more popular over the past few years. It’s quite similar to real hardwood, but it’s composed slightly differently. In fact, some argue that engineered hardwood is better than real hardwood. Here are some of the pros and cons of hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring:

Proshand scraped hardwood flooring

Guards against moisture

One of the biggest advantages of hand scraped engineered hardwood is its ability to guard against moisture, whereas real hardwood can’t handle moisture. Hand scraped engineered hardwood is composed of multiple layers. Its inner layers are made of high-density fiberboard, plywood, and hardwood. The veneer (top layer) is real hardwood. Due to how many layers it has, an engineered hardwood plank is thicker than a hardwood plank. That means that an engineered plank will be able to harder for moisture to penetrate. The layers are meant to keep moisture out.

Easier to install than hardwood

Installing engineered hardwood isn’t exactly easy, but it’s easier to install than real hardwood. The reason for this is that engineered hardwood is sliced instead of sawed. There is less dust, so cleanup is easier. Additionally, homeowners won’t have to worry about dust causing allergies with engineered hardwood.


Engineered hardwood flooring is just about as durable as real hardwood. In fact, hand scraped engineered hardwood can better withstand adverse conditions. It is perfect for areas with 25%-50% humidity.

Easy to maintain

All it takes to maintain hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring is a damp mop. You can even use a steam cleaner given the material’s moisture resistance. Mopping the floors once a week will keep the engineered hardwood in perfect condition. Keep in mind that this type of flooring is topped with real hardwood, so scratching remains a threat. Try to keep anxious pets from scratching your floors.


Of course, hand scraped engineered hardwood has the look of real hardwood because it’s topped with it! Your home will have a cozy look that will last for a long time. No one will be able to tell the difference between engineered hardwood and real hardwood flooring.


Reliance on manufacturers

The quality of your hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring will depend on the quality of the maufacturer you buy from. Some manufacturers cute veneer layers that are too thin. Hand scraped engineered wood is already thinner than real hardwood. You don’t want the manufacturer to make the veneer thinner than necessary. Veneer layers that are too thin will reduce the number of times that your flooring can be refinished, reducing the product’s lifetime.

High in cost

Hand scraped engineered floors and hardwood floors are quite similar in cost. Hardwood is slightly more than engineered hardwood, not by much. You’ll see material costs for engineered hardwood range from $1.50-$6.00, while hardwood ranges from $2.00-$8.00. Engineered hardwood flooring is significantly more expensive than laminate since it’s topped with real hardwood, rather than photo-generated hardwood in laminate. For all your flooring needs, choose Floors BLVD! Our experts will provide you with an estimate and even complete the installation. Call Floors BLVD today at (469) 535-9246! Also, check out our blog for more helpful information.

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