Water Proof

Luxury Vinyl is a great alternative to waterproof floor covering like ceramic or porcelain tile. Luxury Vinyl is 100% waterproof is, in most cases, made of polymer composite materiel or stone plastic composite.

Luxury Vinyl manufactures incorporate technologies to enhance products’ ability to be waterproof and increases durability. For example, some products contain Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) and Stone Plastic Composite to create (SPC). These products can be installed in bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, commercial offices and in many other places to provide durable, reliable and at 100% waterproof floor covering. The possibilities are limitless.

When compared to laminate, wood or other floor coverings, SPC and WPC offer superior wear layer, higher strength, better sound absorption, less expansion and contraction, very attractive and reasonable prices.

Luxury Vinyl comes in many different configurations. One of the most popular is the luxury Vinyl Plank LVP look, and another is the Luxury Vinyl Tile LVT. Fantastic looks that fit any decor and any budget.

Installation steps are a do it yourselfers’ dream.

Luxury Vinyl is one of those products that you can buy and install the same day. Very easy to install with a lock and click system. FloorsBLVD in Allen offers installation, as well.

A couple of things to be aware of when selecting luxury vinyl as the new covering for your floors. LVT color, if exposed to sunlight for a lengthy period of time will fade. It is best not to be used for outdoors applications. When used internally it would be best to keep your blinds closed so not that not to expose your vinyl for sunlight for a very long of time.
Secondly, luxury vinyl requires a flawless foundation. Any imperfections in the floors under the vinyl will eventually emboss through the vinyl.

And finally, please remember vinyl is a scratch resistance but not scratch proof. So, it must be treated like you treat Wood with care when moving furniture or heavy items on top of it.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring not only that it looks great and feels soft to the touch but it’s a lot less expensive than real word. Vinyl flooring typical cost is anywhere between two dollars and five dollars a square foot Which makes it extremely affordable.

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