Waterproof flooring for pets

Is vinyl a good flooring option for pets?

You shouldn’t have to choose between your pets and nice flooring. In fact, there are flooring options that can withstand even the most energetic of pets. That option is vinyl plank flooring.

What makes vinyl plank flooring such a great waterproof flooring option for pets?

Scratch- and stain-resistanceWaterproof flooring for pets

Vinyl plank flooring consists of multiple layers. The top layer – the wear layer – is meant to guard against scratching, moisture penetration and staining. Essentially, the wear layer is softer and can withstand impacts. Thus, scratching will not occur or will not be visible.

Vinyl plank doesn’t have the exact same look as real hardwood, but it still looks quite nice. When you consider the advantages of vinyl plank flooring, you’ll see that it’s the best option for pet owners.


The multi-layered composition of vinyl plank also makes  it quite resistant to moisture. Any liquid would have to pass through all the different layers in order to do any damage. The fact that there are so many layers makes it hard for any moisture-related damade to occur. While moisture penetration isn’t typically an issue you’d associate with pets, it’s still an issue.


Pet shedding fur can affect those who suffer from allergies quite a bit. With carpeting and other such flooring, pet hair and allergens get stuck in the material. The good news is vinyl plank flooring does not hold in allergens, so they can be swept right away.

Easy to clean

Vinyl plank flooring is quite easy to clean and maintain. Its flat and smooth surface means that simply vacuuming and mopping every so often will keep your floors clean. You won’t have to worry about leftover moisture from mopping damaging the surface like you would with real hardwood.

Vinyl plank flooring can imitate both natural stone and hardwood flooring. They are able to imitate stone and hardwood flooring by using high-resolution images of the real thing. So it looks like the material, but doesn’t need to be maintained as meticulously as the real thing.

These characteristics are what make vinyl plank flooring a great waterproof flooring option for pets.

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