Stone Flooring

Benefits of Stone Flooring

Considering having new flooring installed in your home? You’ll find that there are many types of flooring to choose from these days, including natural stone. Stone flooring has become a popular choice for installation indoors and outdoors. There are many benefits to having stone flooring installed in your home, which is why so many people choose it. Durability, maintenance and appearance are just some reasons why it’s a popular option!

Stone flooring is a natural material, so the flooring type can naturally handle heavy foot traffic. The durability of stone flooring fits most homeowners’ lifestyles, without having to worry about damaging the floor.

Natural stone does not capture allergens or dust like carpet does, which makes it easy to clean. Your home will be healthier and more hygienic without all that dust floating around. While carpeting captures such contaminants, stone flooring doesn’t!

With several types of flooring to select from, most homeowners find that stone flooring creates an elegant and classic look in a home. Each type of stone is unique, which means that every floor will look different. You can have unique, one-of-a-kind floors with stone flooring.

Types of Natural Stone Flooring

Once you decide that you want stone flooring, you’ll be ready to choose the right one for you. Research as much as you can about each type of stone to choose the best option for your home or lifestyle. Granite is a popular choice for flooring since it comes in many colors and textures. Granite is quite durable and is often used in kitchens.

Marble is another popular option; it’s considered to be quite a luxurious flooring option. Often used in the entryway of a home, marble will make your home feel elegant and luxurious. One drawback of this flooring type is that marble is porous so it is susceptible to staining caused by spills.

Limestone is another type of stone that can be used for flooring in a home. It has an earthier appearance, and the neutral tones create a beautiful look while providing a sturdy surface. Limestone is harder than other stone flooring types and can help minimize any damage that might be caused by pets or children.

Travertine can be installed in any area of the home, giving your floor a matte finish. The earthy appearance of travertine is great for when you want the look and feel of marble flooring but don’t want the porous surface.

Stone flooring works well for pretty much any area inside or outside your home. You can start in the entryway and have stone flooring installed throughout your living and dining areas. Just sweep away dirt easily and mop as needed to keep flooring in great condition. Make sure that your stone flooring is sealed properly, and continue to have it sealed every few years to maintain its condition.

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