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Few things will add as much charm and uniqueness to your home as luxurious natural stone flooringfrom your natural stone flooring store, Floors Blvd.

It’s a Material That Stands the Test of Time

Stone flooring has been in use for literally centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans used natural stone flooring thousands of years ago. The Romans would use natural stone to pave their many roadways, many of which last to this day, despite being exposed to the elements for around four thousand years. After almost 2500 years, the natural stone floors of the Greek Parthenon still exist beautifully. Even the natural stone flooring inside many of Egypt’s ancient structures are still around, and they are of a relatively soft natural stone: sandstone. That being said, just imagine how long a granite or quartzite flooring material will last your family in your home!

A Wide Variety of Colors

Floors Blvd offers a multitude of natural stone types in a wide variety of colors. Our products range from marble and slate tile to the more durable and luxurious varieties of granite and quartzite.

Currently, many types of natural stone are being used for flooring purposes. The most popular among these are limestone, slate, basalt, granite and marble. Each of these exhibits a texture, color, and style unique to itself.

Marble Flooring

Marble is a natural stone created from limestone or dolomite that undergo tectonic folding, which is the intense pressure created when the plates of the earth move and press against each other. Marble is usually white in color, but the veining can be pretty much any color. Marble is a relatively soft or “compact” stone, which makes it relatively easy to be cut and shaped, making it a perfect material for flooring.

Granite Flooring

Granite is an igneous rock, meaning that it’s created from volcanic lava. It is an extremely hard and durable stone flooring material and is typically found in pink, white, and gray colors, usually with a speckled affect of many different colors. Its hardness and attractive appearance make it a great choice for natural stone flooring uses. Granite tends to fair quite well in high-traffic and high moisture environments, due mainly to its extremely durable nature.

Slate Flooring

Slate is metamorphic by nature, which means that it’s formed by extreme pressure produced by the movement of tectonic plates, usually composed of clay or organic ash. Usually found in different gray tones, slate is also found in shades of purple, green, and a unique turquoise. Slate is extremely durable and water resistant, making it perfect for high-traffic and high-moisture environments.

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