Best vinyl plank flooring

Best vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become a more common flooring option in households across the U.S.. There have been many advancements to the quality of vinyl plank flooring, which is great for homeowners who are on a budget. That being said, high-quality LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring isn’t always easy to find. For that reason, it’s best to choose reputable manufacturers – here are some quality LVP options:

COREtec PlusBest vinyl plank flooring

COREtec Plus brands many different styles of LVP, including wide plank and tile-imitating vinyl. The interesting thing about LVP is that it’s not limited to just one look. One of its most important layers is its print layer. The print layer is what gives it its look. LVP can imitate any type of wood, along with many types of stone and tile. With the advancements in flooring technology, it can be hard to tell which material is real and which ones is LVP.

COREtec focuses on wood- and stone-imitating vinyl. Their prices range from $4.59 per square foot to around $7.00 per square foot. Their products are known to have thicker wear layers, as well as reliable click-lock technology. Click-lock makes for easy installation since planks simply click together over a subfloor. That’s why LVP tends to be installed using the floating floor method.

Shaw Floorte

Shaw Floorte is another great vinyl plank flooring option. It’s similar to COREtec Plus with its 20 mil wear layers. The unique feature of Shaw, though, is the general thickness of each plank. The typical thickness of Shaw LVP is 6.5 MM, which is almost double the industry standard. The thickness means that the planks are softer and are more resistant to moisture penetration.

Additionally, Shaw Floorte is known for its wide variety of designs. You’ll find Shawn Floorte LVP flooring in over 10 types, each made to imitate different types of flooring.

Mannington Adura

The Mannington Adura brand is quite affordable, priced at around $3-4 per square foot. It doesn’t quite have the vaariety of designs that COREtec and Shaw have. Instead, Mannington Adura focuses on the health aspect of flooring.

The brand of LVP consists of an extra layer of cushion, making it much more comfortable to walk on. The use of aluminum oxide makes it softer for walking. Mannington Adura has been in business for over 100 years, so it’s quite a reliable brand.


Armstrong is quite similar to Shaw Floorte. Still, it still doesn’t match the unique 6.5 mm thickness in LVP. But, when it comes to design, Armstrong might just be your best bet. It’s known for all kinds of beautiful wood imitations, including maple, oak, and walnut.

Additionally, it’s extremely scratch- and moisture-resistant.

Floors BLVD

At Floors BLVD, we carry some of the best vinyl plank flooring options. Come visit us in-store or call us at (469) 535-9246. You’ll find high-quality LVP, along with high-quality hardwood, tile and laminate options. You’re sure to find just what you need here at Floors BLVD. Also, check out our blog for more home remodeling input.

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