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WPC Flooring in Allen

There’s a new type of flooring in Allen, TX. We’re talking all things WPC! What does WPC stand for? Wood Plastic Composite. What makes it so special? 100% waterproof. Why haven’t you heard of it? Who cares, you’re learning about it right now! Floors Blvd will educate you on the superior flooring option that is WPC flooring…

What does WPC compare to?

Let’s get off to a promising start by comparing the new floor type with a flooring type that has been around. WPC is similar to the well-known LVT (Luxurious Vinyl Tile) or LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) flooring. How so? LVP is the closest thing to a water-proof wood-type flooring on the market. That is, until WPC came about. Like LVP and laminate wood, WPC consists of many layers.

WPC layers consist of:

Wear layer- urethane protecting which guards against common wear and tear

Print layer- High-definition picture that’s meant to impersonate actual wood or stone

Core layer- 100% waterproof. This layer won’t be damaged regardless of how much water it’s exposed to

Backing layer- Gives added support. This layer is thick; therefore, it won’t get damaged upon impact

WPC Advantages


We keep mentioning that WPC flooring is 100% waterproof. Being waterproof means that a flooring type can be used universally. It can be installed anywhere! Kitchens, laundry rooms, basements…you name it. Liquid won’t damage or even mess with WPC flooring.

Accurate Look

Is it real wood? No. Is it real tile? No. However technology is now so advance that you’d have a hard time telling the difference between WPC and actual hardwood. It would take a close-up look; therefore, guests wandering around your own home probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s not real hardwood. There’s a reason why so many Allen, TX homeowners are having look-alike flooring, like laminate, LVP and WPC, installed…because they provide so many advantages.

In this case, WPC’s major advantage is that 100% waterproof factor that we were mentioning earlier.

Gentle Contact

Another advantage of WPC flooring is how quiet it is. The backing layer is also light. It goes unaffected as the floor experiences ongoing foot traffic. You won’t hear any squeaking and clanking will be at a minimum. Additionally, standing on a WPC ground for a long time span shouldn’t end in any muscle discomfort.

Simple to Maintain

WPC is a really useful flooring type. The wear and tear layer protects against scratching, the core layer protects against moisture and the backing layer protects against impact. These three layers combined make WPC very easy to maintain. The routine use of a vacuum, mop, broom or steam mop should do the trick. Cleaning as often as once a week or once every two weeks should be enough. Chances are you’ll need to clean more often if you have pets running around.

Subfloor Installation

Typically speaking, the thickness of WPC flooring will cover any blemishes of a subfloor. WPC will be applied over virtually any type of subfloor, whether it’s wood, tile, or concrete. Certain flooring types can only be laid over certain types of subfloor. In fact, some flooring types can only be laid over the subfloor that was constructed with the house or building. These restrictions usually don’t apply WPC.


As of right now, WPC is considerably expensive. It’s the next big thing and everyone knows what type of client new products call for, no matter what the market is. As more people become aware of WPC flooring, the price will slowly drop. If you want to wait until demand drops a bit, that’s understandable. If you wish to flaunt the latest flooring by having it installed right away, that’s also understandable.

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