Wood Flooring Installation in Allen, TX

What to Know About Wood Flooring Installation in Allen

If you’re interested in having hardwood flooring installed in your home, it’s perfectly understandable. After all, natural wood flooring provides both elegance and a warm feeling that any homeowner would be proud to own. There are companies that specialize in wood flooring installation in Allen, TX and can help you turn your plans into reality, but before you contact anyone, here are some of the things that you should know.

Hardwood Floor Options

When it comes to wood flooring, there are numerous options to choose from. Thus, it’s best to take your time in considering which is the best fit for your preference and budget.

Fist of all, there are many different wood species that have unique characteristics and features, each giving a room a particular look and feel. For example, mahogany gives a feeling of luxury, oak gives a warm and cozy feeling, and maple will make your room feel more open and airy.

Different wood types (as well as which part of the tree they were cut from) give them their unique colors. In addition to that, grain patterns might differ, depending on the species and which part of the tree the wood was cut from.

Additionally, you should discuss with an expert in wood flooring installation the wood’s durability. Some wood types have different levels of durability and how they withstand wear and tear. This is an important part, especially if your home sees a lot of foot traffic.

Furthermore, you might want to consider the existing design elements in your home when selecting the type and color of wood, like  built-in cabinets, your countertops, furniture set, window design, etc. If your home is already warm and full of light, then this can balance dark tones in flooring; but if a room is naturally dark, then you might want to opt for a lighter shade of flooring.

Pre-Finished or On-Site Finished Wood Floor?

Factory-finished wood flooring means that the finish has already been applied before reaching your home. While this can be convenient since it takes less time, it also means that you can have less room for customization.

On-site finished wood flooring, on the other hand, means that the finish is applied in your home. This offers more flexibility since you can choose the type of finish. Although, you can expect dust and noise as the flooring gets sanded and the finishing applied. Additionally, it might take some waiting time before you can walk on the floor since it needs to dry first.

Size of Room vs. Wood Flooring Required

Don’t be surprised if the company that you hire for wood flooring installation in Allen, TX asks you to purchase more flooring material than the room actually requires. The reason they say this is when a piece of wood is cut to fit the space, it can no longer be used to adjoin with other boards. Typically, you’ll be asked to order 10 percent more than what you measured.

There many other factors to consider, like using solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring, acclimating the wood to the room before installation, finding trimmings and moldings to go with the flooring, etc. – so make sure to take your time, and don’t hesitate to ask questions before making your decision.

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