Vinyl flooring vs Tile

Vinyl vs. Tile: which is the better option?

There was a time where such an argument didn’t ever exist but, with the emergence of higher-quality vinyl products, it’s become one. Read on to learn more about the durability, appearance, installation, cost, and resale value of vinyl and tile flooring:

Vinyl vs. Tile, Round 1: DurabilityVinyl flooring vs Tile

Vinyl flooring has a multi-layered composition, which makes it quite a durable flooring option. The material flexes upon impact, allowing it to withstand impacts, even large ones. It’s topped with a wear layer that protects the surface from scratching and staining. Since it’s soft and flexible, it tends to be difficult to damage. Additionally, it’s not easy for moisture to penetrate the surface because of how many layers there are in vinyl planks.

Ceramic tile is known for its strength and ability to withstand impacts. Unfortunately, though, in the even that your tile does crack, it can be difficult to repair. Unlike vinyl planks, ceramic tile isn’t flexible. This can end up making it easier to damage, despite how hard it is.

Lastly, ceramic tile does not earn its classification unless it has a water absorption rate of <0.5. 0.5 isn’t 0, which means that water can still penetrate its surface. Moisture penetration isn’t as much of an issue with vinyl. In fact, some vinyl options are 100% waterproof.

Durability Winner: Vinyl

Vinyl vs. Tile, Round 2: Appearance

Vinyl is more of an acquired taste. It’s not that it looks bad, but some homeowners don’t want to have hardwood alternatives installed in their homes. But, if you look past that, vinyl plank flooring are great flooring options offered at great prices. In fact, vinyl alternatives to hardwood are only improving in their looks. The planks are wider than a typical hardwood floor, but when it comes to appearance, vinyl doesn’t suffer much. Vinyl can imitate almost any type of flooring, even tile!

Of course, tile has a different look from vinyl flooring. Ceramic is more of a classic material that blends in rather than stands out. It’s consistent in color and will fit in well with kitchen cabinetry and most home furniture. Tile has a nice look as long as you keep the tiles and grout clean.

Appearance Winner: It’s all depends on your preferences. However, vinyl planks are quite versatile.

Vinyl vs. Tile, Round 3: Installation

With vinyl flooring, you can install it yourself. The planks just need to be glued or nailed to a subfloor. As long as the subfloor is clean and flat, the installation process should be a relatively quick and easy one. You can also use the click-and-lock method for vinyl installation. This method makes the planks fit togther like a puzzle.

Ceramic tile need to be laid on mortar and grout – process that can be messy and difficult. Therefore, ceramic tile installation is best left to the professionals. It’s extremely important that the tiles are intalled properly. If not, the tiles will be vulnerable to cracking.

Installation Winner: Vinyl

Vinyl vs. Tile, Round 4: Cost

Vinyl is much less expensive than tile flooring. Quality ranges with all floor types, so you’ll end up finding both vinyl and tile of high-quality and low-quality. That being said, vinyl flooring more affordable in general.

High-quality tile will cost more than high-quality vinyl flooring. It will be even more expensive when you factor in the cost of installation. Thicker tiles generally cost between $4-$8 per square foot. However, thin ceramic can be bought at less than $1 per square foot.

Cost Winner: Vinyl tends to be more affordable.

Vinyl vs. Tile, Round 5: Resale Value

Vinyl is purchased more for functionality than for appearance. While it looks nice, it’s mainly chosen due to its moisture- and impact-resistant properties. Due to its functionality and lower cost, vinyl flooring isn’t valued very highly.

Ceramic holds a more timeless, long-term appeal. Thus, it’s more valuable when it comes to selling a home. It doesn’t add the same value you’d get from hardwood or natural stone flooring, but it will increase somewhat.

Resale Value Winner: Ceramic

In general, vinyl wins over tile 4 to 1. However, ultimately, it’s up to your preferences and lifestyle.

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