Tile vs. Wood Flooring

Tile Versus Wood Flooring for bathrooms

Bathrooms are a bit of a difficult space to design because they tend to be so small. They’re not meant to be the most beautiful rooms in a home, but they’re also used quite often. One of the biggest choices to make when remodeling a bathroom is finding a flooring option that is both functional and beautiful.

The safe betTile vs. Wood Flooring

When comparing tile and hardwood flooring for bathrooms, tile flooring is the safer option, because it’s better for areas that experiences high moisture levels or water spills. Whether the tile you select for your bathroom is ceramic or porcelain, you probably won’t run into any issues with them.

A tile isn’t considered porcelain unless it has an absorption rate of less than 0.5%. Any absorption rate slightly above the mark means that the tile is ceramic.

Tile can withstand moisture and dirt, and it also will give your bathroom a clean, elegant look.

The risky choice

Wood, on the other hand, is the risky choice when it comes to bathroom flooring.

The main issue that hardwood flooring faces when it comes to being bathroom flooring is its porosity. Exposure to moisture, like that caused by water drops from the showers and busted pipes, can lead to crowning or cupping of hardwood flooring.

Aside from the issue regarding moisture, hardwood is a durable flooring material that provides a space with an elegant look.

Additionally, there are flooring materials that can imitate hardwood and are better at preventing moisture from seeping to the core and causing issues. Some examples of these materials are laminate, vinyl, and engineered hardwood.

Engineered hardwood is a multi-layer material that is topped with a layer of real hardwood, which is great for homeowners who love the look of real hardwood.

In the end, the choice is up to you. You can either choose tile, the safer option for bathroom flooring, or wood, a riskier option. Or, if neither of those options fit your preferences or needs, there are always the wood-imitating options!

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