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From ceramic to marble flooring, Floors Blvd, the best tile flooring store in Allen, TX has the largest selection, most reasonable prices, and highest quality craftsmanship available when it comes to all your tile flooring needs.

Ceramic Tiles

Find the best ceramic tiles at the best tile flooring store in Allen, TX. Ceramic has been used as flooring and wall tiles for many years, and it’s still among the most popular to this day. Ceramic is a natural material made of completely natural materials like clay and sand, molded into the desired shape and baked in a kiln to give it its long-lasting sturdiness.

You Choose Your Finish

You will find ceramic tiles in both glazed and unglazed finishes, both of which have different applications.

Glazed tiles are coated, usually with molten glass on the outer surface and have a special luster that you won’t find in an unglazed tile. While glazed tiles are much more slippery than unglazed tiles, they’re also very moisture- and stain-resistant. Glazed ceramic tiles are commonly used indoors and are typically found in places like laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. They’re available in practically any shape, size, texture, and shade imaginable, and look extremely similar to their porcelain counterparts, despite porcelain being far more expensive.

Unglazed tiles are just what they sound like, they’re unglazed. Which means they’re basically the same tiles, they just don’t undergo the glazing process. They’re less slippery than glazed tiles, but also much less stain resistant. Their feature of being less slippery make them a better choice for wet areas like foyers, mud rooms, and shower floors. Unglazed tiles have a more earthy tone. They’re also usually the number one choice for outdoor installations, such as patios and entryways due to them being naturally skid-resistant.

Marble Tiles

The best tile flooring store in Allen, TX, Floors Blvd, offers a wide selection of marble tiles as well!

Marble flooring can add an undeniable luxury to any home. Marble is a natural stone, so no two pieces are alike. Marble tiles are popular as flooring, countertops, and artistic accents. In the past, marble was considered so luxurious that you know a person was well-off if they had marble in their entryway. These days, marble has become a widely used, more popular material. Homeowners who like the appearance of natural stone starting to use marble more and realizing that it’s so much more durable than they could have ever imagined.

Choices Abound

When you decide on marble flooring tiles, the first thing our staff will teach you is that there are five different types of marble tiles. Each has its own unique features and the prices differ greatly. This means that when it comes to choosing your marble, you will have to consider your budget as well. While a softer finish may work well for a formal dining or living areas, high traffic areas like foyers or hallways might require something more durable to handle such traffic.

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