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Reasons for Yellowing Marble Floors

Say you’ve enjoyed beautiful white marble flooring for many years and now notice it begin to yellow. The luxurious flooring in your home is now becoming a different color. This, unfortunately, isn’t uncommon. There are many reasons why your marble flooring might be beginning to yellow, and there are also ways to resolve this issue. Read on to learn why this happens and how to fix it:

Most Common Issue Behind YellowingMarble Flooring Allen TX

One of the most common issues for marble yellowing is iron oxidation. Iron can easily turn beautiful white marble yellow. When marble flooring is exposed to bleach, acids or water, the iron in the stone might begin to oxidize. This will turn the white marble yellow. Marble can even start to become brown if too much oxidation occurs.

The more water marble absorbs, the more oxidation will occur. When excessive water is left standing or a pipe bursts in your home, you should wipe up your marble flooring immediately. Water used to clean marble should also be tested for iron levels make sure that the water won’t damage the marble. There are solutions to the problem, though. New products have been created that can reverse iron oxidation. Speak with a stone restoration expert or visit a reputable flooring store to see what options you have when it comes to reversing your floor’s marble oxidation.

Dirty Flooring and Insufficient Cleaning

Over time, marble flooring in your Allen home can become quite dirty. When marble is dirty and isn’t cleaned properly, the flooring will begin to yellow. With use, especially inareas of high traffic, the polished surface can begin to wear away. Dirt will get trapped in the marble’s pores and cause staining on the surface. You should make sure to properly clean your flooring avoid this happening to your flooring. Use a clean mop to remove dirt and grime as needed. Have floors resealed on a regular basis to ensure the top layer stays intact and no dirt is able to seep through.

Waxy Build-up

You might have your marble flooring waxed from time to time so that it keeps its shine. Unfortunately, though, wax can build up over time and cause yellowing. However, there’s a solution to this. Just have the marble flooring in your Allen home stripped by an expert and your floors should be back to normal.

Anyone who has marble flooring should keep these tips in mind. By following these steps, your marble flooring will retain its beautiful white color for many years. The first step is to have your marble flooring installed properly by a flooring expert. Have the floors sealed and learn the proper way to clean marble. Make sure to clean it regularly and have it sealed as needed.

By properly maintaining your marble flooring, you’ll be guarding your investment and be able to enjoy your beautiful floors for many years to come!

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