Kitchen Remodeling Plano Tx

Gone are the days when a kitchen would merely be a space for cooking. With time, cooking has been realized as a therapeutic activity, and such relaxing activities need to be conducted in a space that feels meditative, don’t you agree? If you too wish to transform your kitchen into a more modern, functional, and sustainable space, then remodeling it is surely a wise choice. After all, we spend so many hours being in the kitchen, whether it’s to cook a meal, assemble meals, or even to hang out with our guests while we clean the countertops.

For those of you looking for kitchen remodeling in Plano TX, we at Floors Blvd are here to fulfill all your wishes and transform your kitchen into an area you’re mesmerized with. Reach out to our team today to get all the information you require.

Tips to Remember for Kitchen Remodeling

Before getting excited about remodeling your kitchen, you might want to jot down what exactly you wish for your kitchen to represent. Here are some of the tips to remember for your kitchen remodeling in Plano TX:

Use a Space Wisely

Use your kitchen space in a manner such that the necessary tools are placed close to where you might require them. For example, keep the breakfast bowls and foods close to the breakfast table and place the containers and plastic wrap in a location near the workstation where you can pack leftovers. Similarly, flatware and dishware should be kept near the dishwasher so as to make unloading smoother and easier.

Make it Accessible

A kitchen isn’t just an area to be used by someone who cooks, which is why it should be remodeled to become more accessible to everyone in a household. When looking at the ground-floor plan, point out that the shelves, drawers, and oven must be placed at an accessible height. Also, lower the height of countertops and widen the walkways so that everyone can walk around easily.

Incorporate Technology

Smart home technology makes things immensely efficient for homeowners. So, be sure to incorporate this into your new kitchen as well. This includes getting smart lighting, smart taps, and anything else that you believe will make the daily tasks easier for you.

Think About the Counter Space

The countertop is a space often ignored by homeowners while planning kitchen remodeling projects, but we ensure to take it into account. Dividing your countertop into two separate heights, for example, makes for an easy demarcation while providing you with a baking area and a space for kids to help with meal preps.

Fast Fact

A fact about kitchen remodeling to note down is that 70% of homeowners don’t change the size of their kitchen while renovating it.

Why Choose Floors Blvd for Kitchen Remodeling in Plano TX

Floors Blvd has proudly spent over 33 years in the field of home remodeling, and that has included the renovation of countless kitchens. We’re grateful to have earned the respect and happiness of our clients through the many remodeling sessions that we have gotten the opportunity to be a part of.
Listed below are some of the reasons why you should pick us for your kitchen remodeling in Plano TX:

• Regardless of whether you’re planning to redo your entire kitchen or just replace the fixtures, we take on projects of all capacities.
• Our interior designer ensures that the aesthetic and arrangement of your kitchen complement the rest of your home.
• With Floor Blvd’s expert professionals by your side, you won’t have to worry about plumbing, tile installation, carpentry, electrical work, or cabinet installation since we take care of every little detail.
• Our aim is to get the work done as quickly and competently as possible so that the process doesn’t disrupt the daily lives of our customers.
• Before beginning a kitchen remodeling in Plano TX, we first check the structure of your home to assess the load-bearing capacity of various spaces. This helps in ensuring that your kitchen can adequately bear the weight of the new materials.

Key Takeaways

• Make sure to remodel your kitchen in a way such that it’s accessible to everyone at home.
• Floors Blvd doesn’t just remodel your kitchen, but we also handle other factors, such as plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry.
• Use the new and free spaces in your renovated kitchen wisely.
• Prior to initiating a kitchen remodeling in Plano TX, we ensure that the kitchen is solid enough to bear the weight of various materials.

Important Note

Remodeling a kitchen often brings up scenarios where an element may seem properly installed at first but appears wobbly later on. If you ever encounter such a situation, you won’t have to stress about it for long since Floors Blvd works with its customers every step of the way and we proceed to the next step only after everything has been implemented properly in the previous one. Since we’re also responsible for handling the different types of installations, we can efficiently correct anything that needs to be handled at that given moment.


1. Does Floors Blvd also help with plumbing while remodeling a kitchen?
Yes, we do help with the plumbing work of your kitchen while remodeling it.

2. Will I also have my tiles installed as a part of the kitchen remodeling project?
Yes, tile installation is a part of our kitchen remodeling projects.

3. Can I also get cabinets installed in my kitchen as I renovate it?
Yes, cabinet installation is a component of the kitchen remodeling services we offer.

4. Do I need to remodel my entire kitchen or can I remodel just some parts of it?
You can choose to remodel your kitchen as a whole or just renovate a few bits, as per your needs.

5. Will the structure of my home be checked to determine the kitchen’s load-bearing capacity?
Yes, we check a home’s structure to determine the kitchen’s load-bearing capacity before beginning a remodeling project.

6. How can I ensure the design of my kitchen goes well with the design of my home?
Our interior designer will make sure that the design of your new kitchen complements the rest of your home.

7. Can an area of the kitchen be reworked on if I don’t like it initially?
Yes, if you face issues or don’t like something, we will fix it till it meets your standards.