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Best Flooring Material for Kitchens

A kitchen remodeling project isn’t as straightforward as you might think it is, especially when it comes to kitchen flooring. You want to make sure that you choose the right flooring material for your kitchen before you move on to changing other aspects. Consider flooring to be the backdrop for your kitchen, then move on to choosing colors and fixtures that compliment it.

A great flooring material for kitchens is tile. Tile comes a wide variety of colors, materials, and durability. The kitchen flooring in your Allen home can easily last for decades when you choose quality tile materials. Read on for a short guide explaining the features of tile flooring for your kitchen and what to look for when making your decision.

For Beginners to TileKitchen Flooring Allen TX

For starters, you should know that tiles can be made up of glass, metal, ceramic or stone. The surface is extremely hard, which means that the chances of damaging your tile flooring is very low. Tiles can withstand spills and mositure but require proper sealing to be able to do so. Kitchen tile can be cleaned by simply sweeping and wiping down as needed. Make sure to avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions or pads to make sure the sealant stays intact and that the tiles don’t get scratched.

Main Types of Tile

As you begin shopping for your kitchen tile, you will find there are three main types. The first type is ceramic, which is created with clay and is of medium durability. Porcelain is another type of tile flooring; it’s the most vulnerable, as it is made of minerals and sand. It’s more difficult to install, but better resistant to water. The last option is stone which is a natural type of tile. Stone tiles will need to be sealed to avoid moisture absorption.

Benefits of Tile Flooring in Kitchens

There are many benefits to installing tile flooring in your Allen kitchne. First of all, you will find that tile is quite durable. A rating system created by the Porcelain Enamel Institute will show you the durability of the flooring type with Class 3 and 4 being the best options for kitchen flooring. Tiles are also moisture-resistant. While some types of tiles need sealing, others don’t. You want to make sure that the tile you choose is sealed properly so that spills can easily be wiped away without staining your kitchen flooring.

Texture is also important. Many homeowners will opt for a tile that has a bit of a matte texture to keep the flooring from being too slippery. Dirt will be hidden away which can looks good, but when you go to clean, it can be harder to clear dirt and grime.

Generally speaking, tile is a great choice for kitchen flooring. Consider your flooring budget and how tile flooring will fit in your Allen kitchen, then call Floors BLVD!

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