How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

Maintaining carpets

Carpeting can give any space a sense of comfort and warmth. However, it can begin to look dark and dingy if not maintained properly. One of the biggest parts of maintaining carpeting is cleaning it. How often a carpet needs to be cleaned depends on the following factors:

Foot trafficHow Often Should You Clean Your Carpets

Heavy foot traffic will allow for excessive dirt and dust being deposited into carpeting. The more foot traffic a space experiences, the more dirt will show through on a carpet. While vacuuming can clean to a certain extent, nothing can get that deep-set dirt out of carpeting the way professional carpet cleaning can.


There are many different types of carpeting available. For instance, there’s carpet meant for areas that experience high traffic, like outdoor spaces and offices. These spaces will gather dirt quite often, so regular cleaning is needed to keep them clean. Additionally, professional carpet cleaning should be performed at least every few months.

Does the building use natural or mechanical ventilation?

Spaces with poor ventilation end up throwing out more dirt and dust than they take in. This dirt settles into the carpeting and leads to poor air quality. Updating your home or office’s HVAC system can end up improving the condition of your carpeting along with the air quality.

Children and pets

Small children can end up dropping food, drinks, and playthings on carpeting. This can lead to staining and dirtying of the carpets. When it comes to pets, they end up shedding or having accidents on carpeting. For households with small children or pets, professional carpet cleaning should occur every few months.

Once you get in the habit of maintaining your carpeting, it can be quite simple. If you’re interested in having carpeting installed, call Floors BLVD at (469) 535-9246 today!

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