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What Type of Flooring Is Best for My Home?

The types of flooring are available to homeowners, but it can sometimes be hard to determine which of the three is best for your home and lifestyle. If you’re not well-versed in the types of flooring available, you can end up spending months before deciding on which type to buy.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you enough tips that will guide you in your search for the right type of flooring to install in your home:

Three Main Types of Flooring in AllenFlooring in Allen TX

Here is a breakdown of the three main flooring options available to Allen, TX homeowners:

  1. Stone: Stone flooring is made of natural stones like granite and marble. Since they’re mad in nature, they’re strong and extremely durable. They’re some of the most expensive types of flooring that can be installed in a home. If you want to add to your home’s value, these types flooring materials are your best bet. Hard stones have all kinds of exotic grains then an elegant and attractive look. That’s why they’re such a great addition to all kinds of homes, regardless of whether or not they’re classic, modern or minimalist.
  2. Wood: Wood is a classic flooring option that’s great for both modern and traditional homes. The grain of hardwoods like rosewood, mahogany, hickory and so on are quite attractive and gives homes a warm and cozy appearance. Hardwood is also quite sturdy and long-lasting, so you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty for many years to come. Its pricing is similar to that of natural stone flooring.
  3. Engineered: Engineered flooring are man-made. They can be made of natural raw materials or a combination of synthetic and organic materials. There are three types of flooring within the engineered flooring category.
    1. Tiles: This flooring material is similar to hard stones, since it mimics their appearance and strength to some extent. But since it’s thinner than natural stone flooring, it’s not as durable. It is, however, less expensive than natural stones.
    2. Laminates: These flooring types are made of sandwiched stacks of paper that are glued and pressed together by machines and laminated on both their top and bottom surfaces to make one strong unit of materials that could be used for flooring, walls and countertops. The top surface is covered by a paper that is printed with stone, wood or other flooring options, which makes laminates similar in appearance to flooring made of natural materials. They’re the least expensive of all flooring materials.
    3. Structured: these types of flooring are commonly called engineered floors because they’re made by combining small pieces of hard stones, cement, silica, glass and other materials. They can be as hard and durable as hard stone flooring.

What’s the Best Option for You?

Now that you know your options, you’ll be in a better position to choose the type of flooring that’s best for your home based on your budget, the character of your home, and more importantly, your style.

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