Engineered wood flooring Allen TX

Engineered Wood Flooring

Love the look of real hardwood, but just can’t afford it? Or maybe you can, but don’t have the time or means to properly maintain it? The good news is that there’s a type of flooring that imitates hardwood, but is less expensive and more difficult to damage. It’s called engineered wood flooring!

The benefits of engineered flooringEngineered Wood Flooring Allen TX

  • Guards against common flooring issues
  • Appeal of real hardwood flooring
  • Versatile
  • Less expensive than real hardwood

Composition is the most unique part of engineered wood flooring in Allen. This type of flooring is layered, which makes it more difficult for moisture to seep to the core. It’s topped with a wear layer that protects the wood veneer. Floors BLVD’s engineered wood is covered with an aluminum oxide top coat that keeps the plank safe while also maintaining its authentic look.

The wood veneer is made of real hardwood. Thus, the planks look like real hardwood planks. Your guests probably wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference between real and engineered hardwood flooring.

Floors BLVD’s popular wood veneer options include birch, hickory and red oak. Each veneer comes in varying widths. You can visit us in-store to get an in-person look.

Engineered wood flooring looks like wood but is cheaper than hardwood flooring. The price difference isn’t extreme, but engineered wood flooring will cost a few dollars less per square foot than real hardwood flooring, and your savings will add up.

The rest of the layers

Engineered wood flooring contains a plywood layer, which serves as the core. Plywood is the thickest layer. It protects the plank by preventing moisture from passing through. It also gives the plank a bit of a cushion, which makes it more comfortable to walk on.

Some engineered floors have an additional wear layer at the bottom. We can show you your options, as well as the difference between types of engineered flooring, in-store. We can also complete the installation for you!

How does engineered wood flooring compare to the other types of flooring?

Real wood flooring is 100% hardwood, but it’s also the most vulnerable to moisture absorption and overall wear and tear. Hardwood flooring can always be refinished, which essentially creates a brand-new surface. However, this isn’t free.

Laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring have a layered composition as well, but they’re much lower in quality compared to hardwood and engineered hardwood. Therefore, they tend to be less appealing. Vinyl plank flooring ranges a bit in terms of price, but it’s quite affordable. It’s hard to damage, but it’s appearance is clearly cheaper than hardwood/engineered hardwood.

Laminate looks a bit better than vinyl plank flooring, but it still looks cheap compared to real hardwood. Engineered hardwood is perhaps the top choice, given its realistic appearance and ability to withstand most flooring threats.

Floors BLVD

Floors BLVD offers a wide selection of engineered hardwood flooring in Allen. Visit us in-store to get a better look at our extensive selection. Our flooring experts will tell you everything you need to know about each option!

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