Different Types of Wood Flooring

Types of Wood FlooringDifferent Types of Wood Floors

When homeowners decide to get new flooring, they tend to rush through the flooring selection process in favor of getting straight to installation. The truth is, though, that you need to spend some time thinking about the type of flooring you want to have installed. For instance, a homeowner can opt for hardwood flooring, but what type of hardwood flooring? There are many different wood types to choose from, each with their own unique features.

Here are some of the different hardwood flooring materials available at Floors BLVD:


Bamboo is a material that is made from grass. Thus, it can be ready to use in a few years. It’s different from wood, which can take up to 20 years to mature for flooring purposes. Bamboo’s natural maturing process makes it quite eco-friendly as well.

When it comes to bamboo’s appearance, it shares the effortless beauty found in all wood. It can be found in many different shades and its strong look provokes comfort and hominess.

The trick with bamboo is choosing the right batch. The production of bamboo tends to be random. You should be fine as long as the bamboo manufacturer you purchase from is reliable. Bamboo from a good batch will prove to be a durable material with strength surpassing that of other wood materials.

Lastly, bamboo is slightly more resistant to moisture than its counterparts. You’ll still have to be careful around your bamboo flooring, but it’s much less vulnerable to moderate moisture absorption.


Birch’s appearance and versatility is what sets it apart from its wood counterparts. Birch is typically found in lighter hues. For instance, yellow birch is nearly white, while sweet birch and red birch are the wood’s darker forms, yet they’re still on the lighter side. It gives off a sophisticated aura that’s also welcoming.

In terms of its hardness and durability, birch is between oak and maple. Therefore, it can handle heavy impacts and foot traffic. While wood flooring isn’t the top option for bedroom flooring, it’s perfect for living and dining rooms.


Opposite to birch, cherry hardwood tends to be found in darker shades. Cherry hardwood has a bold and elegant look. Out of all the different types of wood flooring, cherry wood makes the boldest statement with its classic looks. Cherry wood will grab the attention of all your guests.

In terms of hardness, cherry wood ranks above all other common wood types. Cherry wood’s hardness helps guard against general wear and tear and significant impacts. Just like with all other types of wood, cherry is vulnerable to moisture. However, when properly maintained, cherry wood can last for around 50 years.


One of the most interesting things about oak flooring is that its quality improves as it ages. It becomes richer and more strong over time, so its expected lifetime is also longer.

What differentiates oak from other types of wood is its wood grain. Oak grains are completely random, which gives the planks their character. The common types of oak wood are white and red oak. White oak is great for areas in the home with tons of natural light. This will allow its grain to truly stand out.

Red oak tends to be light, too, but it has a more rustic look. This helps it stand out more than blend in.

As you can see, there’s more to flooring than choosing the type of material. Basically, there are more specific decisions to make. If you opt to have hardwood flooring installed in your home, consider the different types of hardwood flooring.

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