Are marble floors slippery?

Is slipping an issue with marble flooring?

Marble is a beautiful material that will add a sense of luxury to your home, whether it’s installed as flooring or countertops. While no one has ever questioned the elegant looks of marble flooring, some do wonder whether slipping is an issue with them.

Obviously, people have slipped on almost all types of flooring. The real questions is whether or not slipping on marble is such a big issue that you shouldn’t have it installed in your home.

First of all, you should know that there are two types of finishes for marble flooring: honed and polished.

HonedAre marble floors slippery

If you want to prevent any accidents caused by slipping, a honed finish is the best choice for you. While a honed finish doesn’t make marble as glossy, it provides more grip. The chances of you slipping on marble are significantly reduced with a honed finish.

Marble flooring is common in bathrooms because of how elegant it looks. However, any flooring will be slippery if you step on it with wet feet. Therefore, be sure to make use of bathroom mats to prevent slipping.


Polished marble, tends to be much more risky in terms of slipping. Additionally, since it’s so glossy, it tends to show dirt more easily. However, polished marble can still be used for flooring – you just have to be more careful.

We mentioned the bathroom example with honed marble. For polished marble, you’ll definitely need to make sure of bathroom mats to avoid slipping.

Are marble floors safe? Yes, but you’ll have to be careful with them.

Are they slippery? Yes, polished marble is more slippery than honed marble.

Is slippery marble a big enough concern to not have it installed? Not really, but it all depends on your preferences. There are so many positive qualities that marble flooring brings with it, so it’s worth having it installed.

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